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Via Niccolò Piccolomini

If you are visiting Rome and you want to see  and know something more local , don’t miss  the  magic optical illusion view of  Via Niccolo Piccolomini!

This street close to the Appian way become famous to the Roman for the  illusion view of  San Peter dome (Il cupolone).

The illusion is really uncommon because the closer you get  smaller  you’ll see the dome but if you back the dome looks bigger.

This  view illusion is coming from the building that are on the sides of  this 50 meters street and the couple at the back .

More you get closer more the view  of the dome is going to be open and the dome look smaller but if you go back the building of the street are going to close the view  at the back of the dome and giving the impression that the dome becoming bigger.

Watch the Video!

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