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The mystery of the “downhill climb” of the Castelli Romani

On the way to Castelli Romani on the south side of the eternal city at Km 11,600 of the state road 218 between Ariccia , Rocca di Papa and Grottaferrata.

In this part of the street there is a phenomenon that for a long time, has been considered at the limits of the paranormal.

The proof is given by the fact that everything is free to roll on the ground continues in the opposite direction to that imagined, almost like was led by a dark force.

The explanation is much simpler: some scientific studies have in fact considered that the phenomenon is generated by a complex optical illusion. What looks like a climb to the human eye is actually a road that goes slightly downhill. The “error” matrix lies in the fact that it is drawn in a strong climb, a characteristic that refers to points of reference to the human eye, which also perceives the direct vision of the segment in question as another climb.

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