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Ciao! I am Simone. I was born and raised in Rome and I love my city! I want to share all the great things that my hometown has to offer and leave you with insider information you will only get from a true local and lover of Rome. The tour I am offering is for people who have limited time but want to gain a genuine feel for Rome, without missing the top attraction. Variety (never routine!) is a key part of keeping things interesting and fun. So with me, you will find my tour is fresh and flexible. As a guide, I love to learn what interests you so my tour can engage and leave you with a real feel for my city. I'm an urban cyclist with a big passion for vintage bikes, I love meeting people from all over the world and making them comfortable in Rome. I also love cooking and great wine. I love animals (especially my dog) and being outdoors. I'm a football(soccer) lover and in the evenings I coach a local youth team of which I am very proud. Let me show you my beautiful city and share my passion for art, architecture, history and the local stories of my city.



Tour Guide

My name is Federico, I am 30 years old and I am a great lover of dogs. Fascinated by this beautiful and unexplored world, in 2014, I started studying truffle hunting. To expand my knowledge, I studied to become a dog trainer, a leader, a parent, and a friend to my dogs. I’m a very sunny person and love being with other people, so come see us; my dogs and I are waiting for you!

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Tour for tree (for each tour sold we will plant a tree in the regional park of Bracciano and Martignano worn out by a large fire and an air horn).


With our experiences and our tours we will make you live like a local showing you the places and the cult habits of the Romans.


Experiences and tours are 100% customizable!

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