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Our Mission

Roman Fellas is excited to announce our newest mission!


Everybody knows that Italians love good food, good wine and la dolce vita… but the love that binds all Italians above all is the love of football. When we are kids, we learn to play almost at the same time that we learn to walk. We experience that rush of excitement when we run onto the soccer field with all our friends and this incredible moment of feeling alive and feeling total joy is one we remember long after we have stopped playing. With this in mind, Roman Fellas has had the dream of creating a Football campus where we can all experience gain that joy and love of football… it was a big dream with many obstacles… but we are excited to announce that in June 2020, we will be opening our campus and welcome everyone to join us. The campus is based in Cesano, in a stunning setting with a vista over Rome and features a clubhouse with gathering (did I mention our love for food and wine?). We will be hosting the first ever Football Olympics this year and have a host of other exciting plans for the campus.

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